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Birds     Mammals     Snakes


bird vids

burrowing owl wing stretch

gilded flicker drinking

western scrub jay rock hoppin'

cactus wren stopping in for a quick visit

scaled quail on their morning walk

great horned owl pondering the tootsie pop


mammal vids

puma waking from a nap

bighorn sheep having a relaxing morning

javelinas family gathering

black bear having a drink and frolic

desert cottontail hopalong

kit fox passing through

gray fox investigating

hog-nosed skunk on a night stroll

gray fox with a treat

striped skunk getting thirsty

mule deer sniffing out the archers

gray fox claiming his rock

bobcat wagging hello

javelinas drinking and investigating

gray fox found a good rub rock

coatimundi sniffing around


snake vids

western db stretching out

ringneck attacking a nightsnake

gartersnake swimming

western db rattlesnake saying hello

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