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Botanical Survey

Will you be removing or destroying native plants in the State of Arizona? I can provide you a native plant survey and take care of the permitting process for you. If you're working on State Lands and need a Stumpage Assessment, I can put that together too. Is there a concern you may have an endangered or threatened plant species in your project area? I'll get in the field and find out.

Native Plant Survey

The Arizona Native Plant Act requires notification to the Arizona Department of Agriculture for the removal or destruction of native plants taken from their original growing site. Notification must take place 20 to 60 days prior to removal/destruction depending on the project area size. Native plants include, but are not limited to, all cacti and trees such as mesquite, palo verde, and ironwood.


I can work with you in determining what your project requirements are. I can perform a field survey providing a native plant inventory in your project area and depending on your course of action, tag plants for removal. I'll also walk you through the various applications and permits required by the Department.



Stumpage Assessment

The Arizona State Land Department requires compensation for perennial plants such as trees, shrubs, and cacti removed from Arizona State Trust land through right-of-way acquisition. I can provide surveys for these plants on Arizona State Trust Land within your project area. I'll handle coordination with the Department and prepare a stumpage assessment for submission with your right-of-way application.

T/E and Sensitive Plant Surveys
Numerous plant species in the Southwest are endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act. Additionally, the various land managing agencies keep their own lists of sensitive plants that require protection when conducting a project on their land.
If you are unsure if your project area contains a protected plant, don't hesitate to contact me.  I can provide literature research to determine which plants may grow within your project area and provide surveys for them. I'll coordinate with the land managing agency on your project requirements, provide the necessary biological reports, and suggest conservation measures.
Experience Highlight
  • performed native plant surveys for renewable, transmission line, transportation, telecommunication, mining, and railroad industries

  • surveyed and prepared ASLD stumpage assessment for largest wind farm in Arizona

  • conducted trainings for endangered cacti

Species Surveyed
  • Pima pineapple cactus
  • Arizona hedgehog cactus
  • Peebles Navajo cactus
  • paperspine cactus
  • point-intercept protocol
  • native plants
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