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Section 7 Consultation

Does your project jeopardize the continued existence of an endangered or threatened species or designated or proposed critical habitat? Does it have a federal nexus? If so, I can guide you through Section 7 Consultation with the USFWS and ensure your project adheres to the Endangered Species Act. If you're unsure, contact me and we can discuss your project.

Informal Consultation

If your project effects are insignificant, discountable, or wholly beneficial, a "may affect, not likely to adversely affect" determination is appropriate. Early coordination with the USFWS and analysis of effects can help determine the need for formal consultation. Additionally, it offers opportunities to avoid or mitigate potential effects. If a "may affect, not likely to affect" determination is appropriate, the USFWS will send a concurrence letter.



Formal Consultation

A project that "may affect, likely to adversely affect" a species will require formal consultation with the USFWS. This may be determined through informal consultation, early coordination, or analysis of the project. A Biological Assessment analyzing the project effects is a requirement and will be submitted to the USFWS. After a review of 135 days, a Biological Opinion will be issued for your project. As always, early coordination with the USFWS can help streamline the process.

I can assist early in your project analyzing which path is correct, determining your legal obligations, reducing impacts, and identifying conservation opportunities. I'll obtain species lists for your project area and lay out a clear picture of your potential Endangered Species Act involvement. With early, often, and open USFWS coordination, your project will proceed smoothly, follow all legal mandates, and promote environmental stewardship.

Experience Highlight
  • performed informal consultations

  • performed formal consultations

  • wrote numerous Biological Assessments to USFWS standards

  • attended the USFWS Biological Assessment Training Workshop

  • analyzed numerous candidate, threatened, and endangered species, and critical habitat, occurring in the Southwest

  • wrote biological documents on land managed by various agencies

  • practiced in coordinating with USFWS and other interested parties

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